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Research on combat force quantity based on system dynamics


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Research on combat force quantity based on system dynamics
Qi Xiaogang12Zhai Doudou1Liu Xuexing1
1.School of Mathematics and Statistics,Xidian University,Xi'an 710071,China; 2.Key Laboratory of Data Link Techology,China Electronics Technology Group Corporation,Xi'an 710068,China
fight against observeorientdecideand act loop system dynamics force quantity
In order to study the change of forces in the red and blue confrontation,the observe,orient,decide,and act(OODA)combat loop theory is used to analyze and study the combat process of the system. The combat model of the red and blue confrontation is established and simulated by system dynamics method. The results show that,when all other factors are the same,the high speed of information acquisition by the red side can accelerate the loss of the blue side,and the blue side can reduce the loss by improving the accuracy of judgment and decision and the reliability of detection.


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