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Analytical method on power industrial control network command abnormality


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Analytical method on power industrial control network command abnormality
Zhang Ming1Huang Xiuli2Miao Weiwei1Pei Pei1Sun Jiawei1
1.State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Co Ltd,Nanjing 210000,China; 2.State Grid Key Laboratory of Information & Network Security,Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute Co Ltd,Nanjing 210003,China
protocol parsing source-network-load system command abnormality recognition
At present,the global energy internet construction,the ultra high voltage(UHV)power grid and distributed energy are booming. At the same time,new types of electric vehicles,such as electric vehicles and controllable users with the characteristics of“source”and“load”are constantly emerging. In the background of network-load interaction,the power industrial control network has many characteristics such as multiple levels,multiple types,frequent monitoring and control information,and frequent information exchange for monitoring and control.Therefore,various types of operational information and control commands are subject to the risks of eavesdropping,tampering and interruption during collection,transmission and triggering.This paper proposes a method to identify the abnormality of power industrial control network command.It analyzes the protocol for the specification format and business instruction characteristics of the 104 protocol,and realizes the mining of instruction-level anomaly features of the industrial control network through the isolated forest. Experiments demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.


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