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Social network clustering analysis based on structural approximation


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Social network clustering analysis based on structural approximation
Wang Yunye1Kong Shan1Li Yalun2
1.College of Information Science & Technology,Zhengzhou Normal University,Zhengzhou 450044,China; 2.School of Electronic and Information Engineering,Tianjin Polytechnic University,Tianjin 300387,China
social network directed graphs network clustering structural approximation
In view of that the clustering algorithm based on structural approximation can not solve the clustering problem of the asymmetric network,a directed clustering algorithm based on structural approximation is proposed here. The social network is studied as a graph structure,and the network clustering problem is regarded as a sub-graph division to realize the clustering of directed graphs with low complexity. The algorithm was achieved by C++programming,and the customized directed network datasets and standard datasets are used to test the proposed algorithm. The experimental results show that the algorithm for the network structure is more accurate and can identify the outliers and hub points.


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