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Image dehazing based on sky region segmentation and boundary constraint L0 gradient minimization filtering


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Image dehazing based on sky region segmentation and boundary constraint L0 gradient minimization filtering
Li Hongyun1Gao Yin2
1.School of Intelligent Manufacturing,Quanzhou Institute of Technology,Jinjiang 362200,China; 2.Quanzhou Institute of Equipment Manufacturing,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Jinjiang 362000,China
image enhancement sky region segmentation boundary constraint L0 gradient minimization filtering dark channel theory
TP751; TP391
To deal with the problems of image hue and brightness distortion in the classic dark channel theory algorithm,the image dehazing method based on the sky region segmentation and boundary constraint L0 gradient minimization filtering is proposed here. According to the histogram property of hazy image,the sky regions are segmented to solve the global atmospheric light. Secondly,the boundary constraint equation is firstly used to normalize input image by the radiance cube to obtain the initial transmission which is smoothed by L0 gradient minimization filtering. Finally,according to the optimization of the dark channel theory,a dehazing enhancement image is obtained. Analysis of the effectiveness of the algorithm,the distortion of the sky regions and the detailed feature shows that,the method in this paper is better than the improved dark channel algorithm in term of dehazing visual effect.


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