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Industrial process fault classification based on t-distributed random neighborhood embedding algorithm


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Industrial process fault classification based on t-distributed random neighborhood embedding algorithm
Tao Fei1Miao Aimin2Li Peng1Cao Min3Li Wei3
1.School of Information,Yunnan University,Kunming 650500,China; 2.School of Automation,Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering,Guangzhou 510225,China; 3.Electric Power Research Institute,Yunnan Power Grid Co.,Ltd.,Kunming 650217,China
t-distributed random neighborhood embedding industrial process Fisher discriminant analysis support vector machines Tenessee Eastman process kernel principal component analysis Laplace eigenmap
Aiming at the nonlinear characteristics of data in industrial process,and based on the influence of local correlation of data on classification,a data feature extraction and fault classification method based on t-distributed stochastic neighborhood embedding(t-SNE)is proposed. The method makes full use of the advantages of nonlinear and non-parametric dimension reduction of t-SNE algorithm,and combines with Fisher discriminant analysis(FDA)or support vector machines(SVM)classifier to establish fault classification models. The t-SNE algorithm is used to extract the nonlinear features of the fault data,and the key distinguishing features of the data are obtained. The FDA and SVM algorithms are used to classify and identify faults. The experimental simulation analysis is carried out by Tenessee Eastman(TE)process,and is compared with the KPCA-FDA,LE-FDA,KPCA-SVM,LE-SVM four fault classification based on the kernel principal component analysis(KPCA)and Laplace eigenmap(LE). The quantitative evaluation results show that:even based on different classifiers,compared with the other two methods,the classification accuracy of the proposed method is improved by 2% and 7% respectively,and the average classification accuracy can be maintained above 97%.


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