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Fault diagnosis method based on joint mean discrepancy matching for domain adaptation


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Fault diagnosis method based on joint mean discrepancy matching for domain adaptation
Dang GangYan GaoweiYan FeiChen Zehua
College of Electrical and Power Engineering,Taiyuan University of Technology,Taiyuan 030024,China
mean discrepancy domain adaptation fault diagnosis maximum variance source domain target domain
In view of the problem that the model data distribution is mismatched due to the sudden change of working conditions in the process of industrial fault diagnosis,a fault diagnosis method for industrial process based on joint mean discrepancy matching for domain adaptation is proposed. The intra class and inter class differences are defined by means of the mean values of each sample in the source domain and the target domain. The maximum variance and the maximum mean difference are integrated to obtain the feature projection matrix,and the feature information in the source modeling domain and the target modeling domain is projected into the common subspace. The K-nearest neighbor(KNN)classification model is established in the subspace to complete the fault diagnosis classification. The experimental results show that the method proposed here can complete the fault classification accurately,and has higher classification accuracy and flexibility.


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