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Equivalent damage study of missile due to energetic fragment warhead


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Equivalent damage study of missile due to energetic fragment warhead
Xu ZhifangXue JianfengLiu TaoZhang PengXie Xiaohui
Institute of 660,Hongdu Aviation Industry Group,Nanchang 330024,China
armament science and technology energetic warheads fragments missiles damage energetic materials homogeneous armor plates simulation targets
In order to study the damage effect of a warhead on a missile target,damage levels and damage criterion of every component of the missile are given based on the function,structure and damage mechanism of the missile. The energetic warhead is composed of tungsten alloy,energetic material,nylon sabot and plastic base. The energetic material are prepared by high-temperature sintering in a vacuum container,including of aluminum magnesium alloy powders,barium nitrate and PTEE. The armour piercing and ignition experiments are carried out using a 12.7 mm machine gun and acting on 25 mm/60° homogeneous armor plates,a missile equipment module simulation target,and an armed fuel tank simulation target. The penetration process against an oil tank is recorded by a high-speed camera. Experimental results show that the energetic warhead has capability of penetration and ignition.


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