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Decentralized voltage optimization control for distributed generation clusters


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Decentralized voltage optimization control for distributed generation clusters
Sun Zhenglai
Lu'an Power Supply Company,State Grid Anhui Electric Power Co.,Ltd.,Lu'an 237000,China
distributed generation cluster cluster division electrical distance cluster integration central point distributed consistency algorithm load mutation power plug and play
In order to solve the problems of high control dimension,difficult communication and deep complexity of the centralized control mode of distributed generation in the distribution network,the concept of distributed generation cluster is introduced here. Taking distributed power as the research object,cluster integration is carried out based on improved electrical distance,clusters are divided,and key center points of clusters are determined. A decentralized voltage optimal control method for multi clusters is proposed. Based on the distributed consistency algorithm,aiming at the optimization of the cluster economy,the voltage coordination control among multiple distributed generation clusters in the distribution network is realized by adopting the dual control in a cluster and between the clusters. The simulation results in MATLAB/Simulink show that the voltage of all the central points is stable in the range of 2%~5% higher than the rated voltage in the two scenarios of load mutation and plug and play of distributed power supply.


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