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Numerical simulation analysis of Ti/CFRP laminatestructure under impact load(PDF)


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Numerical simulation analysis of Ti/CFRP laminatestructure under impact load
Xie XinyuGe JianliSun QuanzhaoYang Guolai
School of Mechanical Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China
titanium alloy plates laminate structure carbon fiber reinforced composite materials impact dynamics impact damage/failure composite layer angles
In order to study the impact resistance of titanium alloy/carbon fiber reinforced plastic(Ti/CFRP)laminate structure,the VUMAT material subroutine based on the three-dimensional Hashin criterion is used to simulate the damage and failure of composite laminates,and the cohesive unit is used to simulate the glue layer between CFRP and titanium alloy. The plastic deformation and failure of titanium alloy are simulated by a Johnson-Cook constitutive model. The impact damage finite element model of Ti/CFRP laminate structure is established. The effects of the impact kinetic energy,the thickness of the titanium plate and the layup angle of the composite on the impact resistance of the laminate structure are discussed. The results show that the increase of the thickness of the titanium plate can effectively improve the impact resistance of the laminate structure. When the Ti/CFRP laminate structure is damaged due to the impact load,the failure modes are mainly matrix failure and tensile delamination failure. A reasonable choice of layer angle can improve the impact resistance of the composite laminate. The analysis results can provide reference for the design and engineering application of the Ti/CFRP laminate structure.


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