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Research on spray angle of an opposed-piston free-piston engine(PDF)


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Research on spray angle of an opposed-piston free-piston engine
Zhang QinglinXu ZhaopingLiu ShuangshuangLiu Liang
School of Mechanical Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China
opposed-piston free-piston engine simulation spray angles computational fluid dynamics fuel distribution
In order to further improve the fuel utilization efficiency and emission performance of an opposed-piston free-piston engine,a computational fluid dynamics method is used to carry out a parametric simulation on spray angles of the engine. The structure of central combustor and the spray-guided combustion organization scheme are designed. A three-dimensional mesh model of the central combustor is established,and calculation models and calculation conditions are set according to the prototype. The effects of spray angle on fuel distribution,heat release rate,in-cylinder pressure,CO emissions and in-cylinder temperature are analyzed. The research results show that when the spray angle reaches 40°,the fuel distribution in the cylinder is the most ideal at ignition time. The engine can obtain 97.5% combustion efficiency,39.7% indicated thermal efficiency and CO emissions below 0.4%.


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