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Target tracking algorithm via local-based and global-basedcollaborative modeling(PDF)


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Target tracking algorithm via local-based and global-basedcollaborative modeling
Wang Renhua1Wang Benxuan2Kong Jun3Jiang Chenchen1
1.Department of Information Technology and Network Security,People’s Public Security University of China,Beijing 100038,China; 2.Department of Electronic and Information Engineering,Hongkong Polytechnic University,Hongkong 999077,China; 3.School of Inte
object tracking correlation filter part-based tracking collaborative model
Correlation filter has drawn increasing interest in target tracking due to its high efficiency,however,it is sensitive to partial occlusion and irregular deformation,which may result in tracking failure finally. To address this problem,this paper introduces the model complementary estimation into the part-based tracking framework,and combines the global and local model to deal with the severe occlusion problem. Also,this paper utilizes a separate fast multi-scale estimate method to obtain the information about scale variations. A large number of comparison experiments on the tracking benchmark datasets OTB2013 can demonstrate that the proposed algorithms perform favorably against the effect of target deformation and occlusion. In addition,our methods achieve the real-time online tracking while obtaining high accuracy.


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