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Multi-block fault monitoring based on PCA method withhierarchical information extraction(PDF)


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Multi-block fault monitoring based on PCA method withhierarchical information extraction
Zhai ChaoXiong Weili
School of Internet of Things Engineering,Jiangnan University,Wuxi 214122,China
hierarchical information extraction mutual information principal component analysis fault monitoring multi-block modelling
The traditional multi-block fault monitoring methods only use local information of the process,and other valid information of the data set is ignored. In view of this problem,a multi-block principal component analysis(PCA)fault monitoring method with hierarchical information extraction is proposed. Firstly,this paper calculates the mutual information between the process variables and blocks the process variables to extract the process local information. Second,this paper further digs the feature information of the process data,extracts the cumulative error and second-order difference information for each variable block,and with the observed values information expands each variable block into three information sub-blocks. Each sub-block is monitored by the PCA method,and the monitoring results of all the sub-blocks are integrated based on the Bayesian method. The validity and performance of the proposed method are verified and analyzed in Tennessee-Eastman(TE)process monitoring.


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