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Assisting power supply debugging method based onknowledge graph technology(PDF)


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Assisting power supply debugging method based onknowledge graph technology
Lv MengpingDuan BinZhou ZhigangKuang Yi
School of Information Engineering,Xiangtan University,Xiangtan 411105,China
power debugging knowledge graph entity nodes correlation analysis Neo4j
In order to solve the problems of insufficient experience and limited cognitive level of designers in the process of power debugging,an auxiliary power debugging method based on knowledge graph technology is proposed.Firstly,by analyzing the Texas Instruments Power Management Lab Kit TI-PMLK,the performance indicators mainly included in the switching power supply and the various factors affecting them are extracted and used as the entity nodes in the knowledge graph.Secondly,the data are obtained based on the power design software Webench simulation,and imported to the statistical software SPSS for correlation analysis. The correlation coefficient matrix between the power supply performance index and the influencing factors is obtained.The coefficients in the matrix,as the property of the edges in the knowledge graph,represent the correlation between nodes.Finally,based on the graphic database Neo4j,the power supply knowledge graph is constructed,and the complex relation between the power supply performance index and the influencing factors is presented,so as to assist the designer to carry out the power supply debugging.


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