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Experimental study on mechanical mechanism of concreteunder mixed erosion and freeze-thaw cycling(PDF)


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Experimental study on mechanical mechanism of concreteunder mixed erosion and freeze-thaw cycling
Wu SongboWan XushengYang tingtingYan mengyuLiu LiZhong Changmao
School of Civil Engineering and Architecture,Southwest Petroleum University,Chengdu 610500,China
mixed erosion semi-immersion freeze-thaw cycle sulfate crystallization
Under the condition of sulfate attack or freeze-thaw cycle,concrete is easily destroyed,leading to its decrease in foundation bearing capacity. In order to study the deterioration mechanism of concrete in saline soil in cold area,firstly,the freeze-thaw cycling test of concrete in mixed solution of sodium sulfate and sodium chloride is carried out,the number of cycles is 0,10,20,30,40,50 times,respectively. Secondly,the compressive strength of concrete after freeze-thaw cycling is measured,and the influence of material change on mechanical properties after erosion is analyzed by XRD diffraction test. Finally,the change of damage variable and mass loss rate is calculated by the change of elastic modulus and mass before and after freeze-thaw,and the damage law of concrete under freeze-thaw cycling is studied. The result shows that when the number of freeze-thaw increases,the concrete deteriorates,the mechanical properties weaken,the surface spalling worsens,both elastic modulus and compressive strength decreased greatly and both mass loss rate and damage variables increased. Because the physical reaction of formation of mirabilite and chemical reaction of formation of gypsum and ettringite that occur inside the concrete together cause damages to the internal structure of the clay.


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