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Simulation research of temperature field of water coolingroller for hydrophilic coated aluminium foil(PDF)


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Simulation research of temperature field of water coolingroller for hydrophilic coated aluminium foil
Chang Lingling1Liu Yue1Li Huirong1Guan Xiaorong2
1.School of Computer Science,Shaanxi Institute of Technology,Xi’an 710300,China; 2.School of Mechanical Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China
hydrophilic coated aluminium foil water cooling rollers temperature field air layer cooling speed
TG162.6; O368
To solve the crease problem in the production of the hydrophilic aluminum foil caused by fast cooling process,the air layer structure is proposed to slow down the cooling speed. The Fluent software is employed to numerically calculate the temperature fields of different roller structures. The effects of the new structure as well as the reasonable air thickness are researched through the comparison of temperature contours and quantitative data. The varying law of the foil temperature with roller parameters is also studied. The numerical simulations show that the cooling speed of foil temperature slows down owing to the air layer; as the air thickness increasing,the temperature gradient tends smaller,and the air layer with thickness of 4~6 cm is advisable to satisfy the foil cooling requirements; the foil temperature is proportional to roller diameter as well as wrap angle,and is inversely proportional to the rotation speed.


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