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Massive image retrieval based on Hadoop distributed platform(PDF)


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Massive image retrieval based on Hadoop distributed platform
Wang QianTan YongjieQin JieChai ZhengyiYe Haiqin
School of Computer Science and Technology,Zhoukou Normal University,Zhoukou 466001,China
massive image image retrieval cloud computing distributed platform image feature
In order to speed up the image retrieval,a massive image retrieval system based on Hadoop distributed platform is proposed.Firstly,the features of image are extracted,and the features of the image library are divided into several sub feature databases; secondly,image retrieval results are obtained according to the matching results by Hadoop distributed platform; finally,the speed and efficiency of image retrieval are analyzed by simulation experiments.The results show that the proposed system can greatly improve the speed of image retrieval,can get better image retrieval efficiency compared with contrast models and has higher practical value.


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