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A method of energy-aware mobile cloud tasks offloadingbased on three-way decision(PDF)


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A method of energy-aware mobile cloud tasks offloadingbased on three-way decision
Xu XiaoxiaJiang ChunmaoHuang Chunmei
School of Computer Science Technology and Information Engineering,Harbin Normal University,Harbin 150025,China
three-way decision mobile cloud computing task offloading energy-aware
The computing offload of mobile device(MCCO)effectively leverages the cloud platform to extend the computing and storage capabilities of the mobile side. A large number of heterogeneous features(such as different degrees of tolerance)and three-way phenomena was found through a fine-grained examination of this process. With the basic idea of three-way decision,we propose an energy-saving offloading strategy for mobile cloud tasks oriented regarding delay tolerance. The method or strategy is,according to the quality of the network,considering the energy optimization,three kinds of decision-making for immediate offloading,delayed offloading and no offloading are made for the incoming delay-tolerant tasks. For the case of poor network performance or high cost(such as 4G traffic),you can wait,that is,delay the offloading; If the network performance is restored while the task is waiting,resume offloading tasks. If the delay tolerance period is exceeded and the network quality is still poor,it will be executed locally,and when the network connection status is good,it can be offloaded immediately. Through the determination of threshold,we can provide policy reference for the offloading of incoming cloud tasks,which not only reduce the complexity of computing,but also optimize the service level of mobile devices. The simulation results show that the offloading strategy based on the three-way decision can effectively reduce the energy consumption of mobile devices and further prolong the use time of the devices under the premise of satisfying the user service level.


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