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Infrared target detection and tracking method based ontarget motion feature(PDF)


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Infrared target detection and tracking method based ontarget motion feature
Lou KangZhu ZhiyuGe Huilin
School of Electronic Information,Jiangsu University of Science and Technology,Zhenjiang 212003,China
motion feature Kalman filter Hungarian algorithm target tracking infrared target
In order to improve the speed and accuracy of infrared target detection and tracking,this paper proposes a detection and tracking method based on infrared small target motion feature information. The method is mainly divided into two aspects:target motion feature detection and target trajectory prediction. In terms of target detection,the image is segmented into front and back scenes by the background frame difference method. The image is segmented into front and back scenes by the background frame difference method. After the morphological operation,the infrared weak targets are detected in the foreground of each frame,and the candidate targets are recorded. In terms of target tracking,the infrared target trajectory is predicted by Kalman filter,and the Euclidean distance between the target trajectory centroid position and the target actual position is calculated. The Hungarian algorithm uses the Euclidean distance as the weight to assign the actual trajectory and the predicted trajectory. If the result exceeds a certain threshold,it will be reassigned. Finally,through MATLAB,on the open dataset,the simulation verifies that the proposed algorithm can effectively improve the performance of detecting and tracking infrared weak targets while satisfying the requirements of real-time detection.


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