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Drop force analysis and tool angle optimization in eddy current tool(PDF)


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Drop force analysis and tool angle optimization in eddy current tool
Liu ChengtingLiu GangYan Zuoxiu
Petroleum Engineering Institute,Northeast Petroleum University,Daqing 163318,China
eddy current tool equation of motion force analysis drainage and gas recovery optimization
The eddy current tool can change the flow field of the downhole flow field and is a new type of drainage and gas recovery technology. The helix angle determines the status of the downhole flow field. The well bore flow for installation of the eddy current tool is different from that for conventional gas well. For this reason,the forces acting on droplets in gas production well bore are applied. Then the effects of gravity,buoyancy,centrifugal force,Saffman force,Magnus force and other typical forces on the droplet are analyzed and the causes of the formation of the forces are discussed. Equations of droplet motion are established. After comparing the magnitudes of different forces,the equation is simplified and the mathematical formula of the optimum helix angle is obtained. Finally,the reliability of the mathematical model is verified by comparing the numerical simulation of field production data.


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