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Research on small stroke hydraulic buffer device of rocket launcher(PDF)


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Research on small stroke hydraulic buffer device of rocket launcher
Li Zhuangzhuang1Wang Lu2Lin Jiahui1Mo Zonglai1Li Jun1
1.School of Mechanical Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China; 2.Academy of Opto-Electronics Technology Group Corporation,Tianjin 300308,China
rocket launchers recoil force hydraulic buffers throttle valves joint simulation of liquid-solid
Aiming at the problem of structural deformation and strength damage of launch system caused by large recoil force of the electromagnetic ejection rocket launcher,a small stroke hydraulic buffer device is designed based on the principle of viscous fluid flowing through small holes to produce damping force. The device can realize recoil force buffering with small stroke within the allowable elastic deformation range of the rocket launcher. According to the buffer stroke obtained by the finite element method,the recoil motion track of the buffer device is designed,and the variation law of the throttle valve opening area under the motion track is deduced and solved. By controlling opening area of the throttle valve,the system flow is controlled to make the recoil move according to the designed trajectory. The AMESim and the Adams are used to simulate the liquid-solid joint under different buffer strokes. The results show that the buffer device in this paper can realize recoil force buffering in small stroke.


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