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Event-triggered optimal control for a class of polynomial systems(PDF)


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Event-triggered optimal control for a class of polynomial systems
Zhu GuiLou Xuyang
School of Internet of Things Engineering,Jiangnan University,Wuxi 214122,China
polynomial system event-triggered control sum of squares optimal control
This paper is concerned with the optimal control problem of a class of input affine polynomial systems under the event-triggered control. Firstly,based on the state-dependent model and Hamiltonian-Jacobi inequality,the optimal control problem of the original system is transformed into solving a state-dependent linear matrix inequality problem.Secondly,based on the Lyapunov function and event-triggered control strategy,a set of feasible solutions for the problem are obtained using the sum-of-squares algorithm and the control law is obtained. Finally,numerical simulations verify the validity of the presented results.


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