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Optimization method for spare parts transportationroute considering reliability index(PDF)


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Optimization method for spare parts transportationroute considering reliability index
Zhao Rui1Chen Haoran2Ge Ziyang2
1.School of Sciences,Tianjin University of Technology,Tianjin 300384,China; 2.School of Reliability and Systems Engineering,Beihang University,Beijing 100191,China
path optimization spare parts supply integrated equipment supply genetic algorithm
Maintaining the stability,continuity and efficiency of spare parts supply is an important part of integrated logistic support. How to ensure the stability,sustainability and efficiency of spare parts supply is an urgent problem in the research of integrated logistic support. This paper optimizes the vehicle transport path of spare parts. The index parameters that affect the system supportability is taken into consideration as well as their quantifications. The chance constraint optimization model of spare parts transportation path with single vehicle based on the characteristics of system supportability constraints is established. A numerical example is designed and analyzed with genetic algorithm. The validity and feasibility of the model are verified by the example.


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